Able.fis is a cloud-based web app for financial and stockbroking companies with a broker pool or tree structure.


"With a cup of coffee in my hand, I switch on my PC to check what's on. Do I have meetings today?..."


"Getting ready for a meeting or just to stay informed, I check updated and easy-to-read stats at any time."


"I insert new data via a simple form. No more manual transcription! The system keeps an eye on all contracts and contractual changes."


"REST API – a pretty essential feature which enables me to look directly into the database of partner companies."


"I don't miss birthdays anymore, all calendars are synched, I keep track of daily tasks and everything urgent is being discussed in the group chat."


"Legal amendments, current events, changes in contracts, you name it. I always know right away."


"No more searching for lost files. I have everything at hand and organized thanks to the intuitive file manager."

No more compromise

"I have everything I need at hand thanks to a perfectly responsive interface."

"Thank you for showing your interest in FIS. This was a preview of some of the features of the system. It can be tailored to each clients' needs."

  • Mobile cloud solution
  • Intuitive dashboard
  • Proper storage file manager
  • MLM and BrokerPool structure
  • Easy equation setup for provisions
  • Calendar compatible with iOS and Google
  • Events, notifications, internal chat
  • User activity tracker
  • Dynamic stats
  • Online comparison and contract templates
  • API linkage with partner organizations
  • Synchronized and updated contracts
  • And many others

"I will be happy to answer all your questions."

Václav Faraga / CEO

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Tomáš Melichárek / CSO

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