Tim Davis

Extensive web presentation of a Hollywood music celebrity UX / web design / redesign / brand / postproduction / conversion strategy

Tim Davis belongs to the Hollywood music production royalty. The portfolio of this California-based producer, singer and conductor shines with names like Lady Gaga, Disneyland, ABC's Boy Band, Glee and dozens of others. We have created an identity that reflects Tim's colorful personality as well as his impressive biography.

Floating control panel

Our task was to deliver a visual presentation to impress even the most of critical showbusiness frequenters and to highlight the quality of Tim's work. The key goal was to ensure an intuitive navigation throughout the website.


One-page homepage listing Tim's diverse work portfolio. We have taken on the challenge of developing a personalized background music player for this site. Mood music in synch with the elegant identity.


Lady Gaga, Disneyland, Celine Dion - Presentation of world-class superstars.


Custom-made musical web application functioning as a sample player. Made to handle large volumes of data. Visitors return to homepage with ease.


Easy access to the contact form from each part of the site corresponds with conversion strategy of this presentation. Simple but engaging.

Mobile first

High-quality photos, musical experience and speed - all transmitted to the displays of all mobile devices.

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